Composite Division

Products Manufactured in Composite Division:

Sandwich Construction Structures:

Honey comb Sandwich Radomes
Sandwich Construction Reflectors
Honeycomb Sandwich Panels
Missile Fairings, Bumper Plates and Nose Cones
Aircraft Plenum, and Refueling Nozzles
Fuselage Elements, and Exterior Fairings

Materials Used:

Cores:- Glass, Nomex, Aluminum Honeycomb, Foam
Resins:- Epoxy, Poly-amide, Cynate Ester, Phenolic, Polyester, BMI, Vinyl ester
Reinforcements:- Carbon Fiber, Quartz, Fiber Glass, Aramid, Spectra

Manufacturing Processes:

Sandwich Panels Construction
Hand Lay-up
Wet Lay-up
Oven Cure
Autoclave Cure
Ablative Coating
Cork Bonding

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