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Vantage Associates, Inc. is a designer and manufacturer of quality products and product components that utilize expertise in the processing of thermoplastic and composite materials. Vantage provides contract manufacturing services and excellent engineering support to aerospace, defense and commercial markets while maintaining competitive and high quality standards to exceed customers' expectations for quality, service, and on-time delivery.

Contract manufacturing includes interior components for commercial airliners made primarily of thermoplastics. The largest component of these sales is made directly to Boeing which has been a major customer for over 30 years. The Company also manufactures various aircraft and missile exterior components such as radomes, wing and fuselage elements, and exterior fairings made of structural components. Our specialties include all types of composite and thermoformed radomes, structural (missiles and aircrafts), and various applications in aerospace, military, and commercial ( medical, automotive, and electronic) fields.

In addition, Vantage provides a range of custom manufactured enclosures and front panels for commercial products sold into the medical, electronic, and automotive industries.

The Company also produces a range of high performance components and products for the defense industry. These consist of antennas, radomes, and most notably, Vantage has been the exclusive provider of undersea devices deployed by marine mammals. The Company has responsibility for manufacturing, assembly and testing of these devices.

The Company operates in highly competitive environments and believes that it has controlled its costs sufficiently well to be one of the most cost efficient manufacturers in the markets it serves.

Vantage is headquartered in National City, just south of San Diego. Most all component manufacturing is performed in a 30,000 square foot facility in Gardena, California. Assembly and testing activities are performed in National City.

The Company is qualified to Boeing Commercial Airplane Quality Standard D1-9000, to military quality specifications and is a certified UL Fabricator as well. Current employment consists of 60 engineering, administrative, and production personnel.


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